ECO Report 03 Information

ECO Report 03 on the licensing of mobile bands in Europe presents the most recent information available to the European Communications Office (ECO) on the licensing of the following frequency bands in CEPT countries:

Frequency Range

ECC Deliverable

Implementation status

694-790 MHz



790-862 MHz



880-915 MHz / 925-960 MHz

ECC/DEC/(06)13 / ERC/DEC/(97)02 / ERC/DEC/(94)01

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1427-1452 MHz / 1492-1518 MHz


1452-1492 MHz



1710-1785 MHz / 1805-1880 MHz

ECC/DEC/(06)13 / ERC/DEC/(95)03

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1900-1920 MHz

CEPT Report 52

see CEPT Report 52

1920-1980 MHz / 2110-2170 MHz



2010-2025 MHz

CEPT Report 52

see CEPT Report 52

2300-2400 MHz



2500-2690 MHz



3400-3600 MHz / 3600-3800 MHz



The information in this ECO Report is updated via the EFIS database on the basis of the information collected from CEPT administrations.

Moreover, please note that the current ECO Report 03 also contains licensing information on the bands 1900-1920 MHz and 2010-2025 MHz which are no longer part of the CEPT regulatory framework for MFCN (these bands have been deleted in the amended ECC Decision(06)01). Nevertheless, it was agreed in 2015 to retain this information with the note that these bands are not part of the CEPT regulatory framework for MFCN anymore and the list of licenses is only provided for information. This information is kept for the time being as a useful reference and can be removed from the ECO Report 03 once these licenses have expired. No new license information is expected to be added for these bands.

The following document from ECC PT1 "IMT Matters" provides guidance to administrations in order to increase the consistency of national entries for the "mobile bands" in the EFIS database: guidance document.

In addition, some background information about the ECO Report 03 and RoU statistics in the ECS bands is available in the following document: ECO Report 03 and RoU Statistics Guidance Document

The information can also be exported. For other licence information in other frequency bands, you can search under rights-of-use in EFIS.

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