ECO Frequency Information System

EFIS is the tool to fulfill EC Decision 2007/344/EC on the harmonised availability of information regarding spectrum use in Europe and the ECC Decision ECC/DEC/(01)03 on EFIS.


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ECC Newsletters are published 3-4 times a year. They contain articles developed by ECC officials and ECO experts on topics and areas of current interest in the field of electronic communications.

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Rights-of-Use Statistics

As a new feature, rights-of-use statistics in the ECS frequency bands are now available in EFIS. Go to RoU Statistics

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Spectrum Inventory

Notes on non-regulatory information for spectrum inventory purposes and the evolution of spectrum use, available in EFIS.

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Here you may search for all documents for a table or for a specific type of documents. If no selection criteria apart from the table name are entered, all documents related to that table will be sh...

ECA Table Information

In order to develop European common positions and proposals for use in the framework of international and regional bodies, and to forward plan and harmonise within Europe the efficient use of the r...

ECO Report 03

ECO Report 03 on them licensing of mobile bands in Europe presents the most recent information available to the European Communications Office (ECO) on the licensing of the following frequency band...

Recommendation 70-03

The electronic Version of ERC Recommendation 70-03 on SRDs is now available in EFIS.

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